The Visitor from Elsewhere

The Cartoonist

The Cartoonist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A talented but commercially unsuccessful writer, Edward Bloom must choose between his conventional life and a life of the imagination when he meets the “Visitor from Elsewhere” who promises spiritual fulfillment at the price of his sanity.

Directed by
Dave McGuire

Joseph Ornelas

Joseph Ornelas … associate producer
Graziano Pinna … associate producer
Amit Shah … co-producer
Rahul Thakkar … producer

Cast – in credits order
Harold Dennis … Edward Bloom
Steve Parks … Sid Yiddish
Sharon Dalla Costa … Betsy
Graziano Pinna … Rocco
Jos Mooij … (voice)
Bruce Spielbauer … (voice)
Joette Waters … Older woman on CTA
Rahul Thakkar … Riyaz
Kristina Johnson … Edward’s Co Worker
PJ Samorian … Administrator of Elsewhere
Maria Spanos … Administrator of Elsewhere
Shannon Edwards … Administrator of Elsewhere
N. LaQuis Harkins … Det. Maris Hawgood
Rina Pignone … Det. Leslie Cooper
Katrin Hummel … Dr. Katrin Hummel
Ayman Samman … Anil
Jonathan Samuels … Derek
Jayden Varun Shastry … Administrator
Nikul Thakkar … Vijay
Other credited cast listed alphabetically
Renee Domenz … Bookstore Owner

Andrew Heller

Darren Orange
Robert Patrick Stern

Art Department
David Bonness … artist: art

Sound Department
Chris M. Parker … sound editor

Camera and Electrical Department
Salil Sundresh … gaffer
Nikul Thakkar … assistant camera

Miscellaneous Crew
Terence Sims … production assistant

Zachary Laoutides … grateful thanks

Production Companies
JASU productions


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