The Cabin in the Woods

Mr Zombie

Mr Zombie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the movie opens up with Dana and Jules talking about a teacher , when Curt ( Jules boyfriend ) throws a football out a window to Holand . The three walk out of the room they were recently in to see Holand . They pack an RV because they are going to Curt’s cousin’s cabin . As the four are ready to go they see their last friend Marty getting high in his car . Meanwhile some facility watches them making sure they go to the cabin . The five friends encounter a gas station owner who warns them about the cabin .

They arrive at the cabin and unpack still being watched by cameras set up by the facility people. Holand is putting on his bathing suit when he notices he can see Dana in the next room changing but she cant see him changing . The facility bets on what their fate is and when night arrives the friends party at the cabin, while drinking they find a storage room and Dana finds a diary and reads the latin in the diary. When she is done reading the latin three people from the diary pop out of the ground , Curt and Jules then make out in the woods but they are stopped by the people in the diary who have all been turned into zombies ! Jules is then stabbed in the hand but Curt saves her , and eventually gets stabbed in the shoulder but survives , as this happens Jules gets her head cut off .

The facility then gets all her blood somehow and puts it into a outline of a female . Curt does not suffer the same fate and runs off . Marty hears a voice in his head and goes outside only to find Curt fighting off a zombie , they both run inside and tell everyone Jules was killed , they each run into their rooms only to have the rooms locked and Curt still in the living room . The facility people see this and they are proud every trap has worked . Marty then finds out that they are being watched , freaking out ,the facility gets one zombie to pull Marty threw the window . Marty hits the zombie with a big dong only to be stabbed in the back and pulled into the woods ! Dana is having trouble in her room because a zombie is trying to break through her window, hearing this in the next room Holand breaks the double coated glass and they go into a cellar . One zombie finds them and stabs Holand in the back but Dana stabs the zombie repeatedly so they run off because Curt finds them . They get in the RV and drive to the cave they drove in to get there only to see boulders are blocking the exit . Curt gets a motorcycle he packed and tells Holand and Dana he’ll go get help on the other side and rides across the roads only to have some force field in the middle of the two roads blow up his bike and make him fall hundreds of feet to the ground , killing him ! Dana and Holand fall off the road and while they fall a zombie comes up behind them and stabs Holand in neck, killing him as well ! Alone Dana manages to get back to the cabin but gets attacked by a zombie .

Meanwhile the facility party’s about the bets on their fate , one facility member gets a call saying one of the friends survived , as this is said Marty hits the zombie with a dong and throws him in a lake . Dana and him run to where he was thought to have died and shows her an elevator under ground they get in the elevator and find other creatures in other elevators . They find a room in the same facility discussed earlier and stay there realizing they went in the room that opened creatures elevator doors . So they push the button as military people surround the elevator place and as the elevator opens they are attacked and killed. Marty and Dana watch and once they realize everyone died or ran they go underground some more to find a woman tell them they knew who would die. She said the whore dies first ( Jules ) then the athlete ( Curt ) next the fool or pothead ( Marty but that plan failed ) and last the scholar ( Holand ). She then says its up to the gods if Dana lives , then tells them this is sacrifice to the gods so they don’t come up from Earth and destroy it . Dana knowing what she has to do points a gun at Marty and Marty says sorry and walks backward as a wolf attacks Dana. Marty fights off the woman but one zombie named Patience kills the woman and they both fall to where the gods are . Knowing the world is gonna end Marty and Dana smoke dope right before a giant god hand breaks up through the surface killing every one in the facility it is then implied the world ends.


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