Heavy Hands


Anti-Hero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heavy Hands follows anti-hero Jimmy Lee as he deals with the ramifications of a careless and selfish act. Set in a cold and dangerous country climate, Heavy Hands is funny, sad and sexy.

Directed by
Sean Williamson

Sean Williamson

Kelly Cunningham … producer
Christian Kocinski … producer
Frankie Latina … producer
Sean Williamson … producer

Sean Williamson … Jimmy Lee
Frankie Latina … Billy Wilson
Kelly Cunningham … Janie
Mark Borchardt … The Mechanic
Jim Winship … Owen Brown
Parker Winship … Nate Brown
Kumar Pallana … The Clerk
Marissa Nans … The Hitcher
Nick Sommer … The Bridge
Jeb Platt … The Dealer
Mitch Olson … Caldwell Brother
Kevin Pryzbiliski … Caldwell Brother
Aaron Patnaude … Caldwell Brother
Katie McCauley … The High schooler

Original Music
Erik Claussen
Tyler Luther

Sean Williamson

Christian Kocinski
Sean Williamson

Production Companies
Frankie Latina Motion Pictures


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